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   Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your Suites located? What types of Suites are offered ?
Toronto Down-East Apartments is located at the Beach Community, which is in the proximity of downtown Toronto. The nearest major intersection is Gerrard St.E and Coxwell Ave.We offer Bachelors, One Bedroom Suites, and Two Bedroom Suites.

What are the inclusions in a furnished apartment ?
You should expect the stay to be inclusive of all utility bills including electricity, heat, water, high speed internet access, telephone and cable TV. The kitchen should have all the basic kitchenware needed to cook a proper meal (cookware, glassware, dishes, etc). The bedroom should have clean linen, pillows and coverings. Standard furniture throughout the unit should include a bed, couch, desk, eat table and chair, TV, phone, full kitchen appliances (microwave, stove, fridge) and proper lighting fixtures.

Why does it cost less to stay at Down-East Furnished Suites compare to stay at a hotel ?
You get 700-1,000 square feet living space compared to the average 350 square foot hotel suite. More cost effective than 2 one bedrooms when individuals can share a two bedroom suite. Fully equipped kitchens allow guests to prepare their meals as opposed to having to dine out providing a substantial savings on meal allowances. Private phone line allows our clients to call friends and family in the surrounding area at no charge, as local calls are free. At a hotel, 10 calls a day adds $10.00/day to your budget. High speed unlimited Internet access helps our guests stay productive and connected while away from work and home.

If your visit is more than just a few weeks not having these amenities can have a cramping effect on your daily living.

How far is public transit ?
There are two bus stops located quite close to the apartment building. It takes approx. 15 minutes to walk to the nearest subway station named Coxwell, and in only 6 stops, you arrive at Bloor-Yonge, which is downtown; in colder weather, you might prefer to take the no. 22 bus on Coxwell Avenue going north to Coxwell subway station. Alternatively, you could take the 506 streetcar from Gerrard Street going west that provides a frequent service, which will get you downtown in only around 20 minutes.

How long does it take to get downtown Toronto ?
It takes approximately 6 minutes to get to downtown by car, or 15 minutes by bus.

Are all amenities (restaurants/grocery store etc.) within walking distance ?
Toronto Downtown-East Furnished Suites is nestled in a very convenient community. All amenities are within 3 minutes walking distance: Bus/streetcar stations, a No Frills supermarket, the Royal Bank, a public library, Restaurants, Food Supermarkets, a gym (community recreation center)...etc. Furthermore, our accommodation is in the vicinity of both the Human Resource Center (SIN Card Office) and Ministry of Health Office (Health Card Office).

Is it possible to reserve a Suite prior to my arrival ?
Early reservations are strongly encouraged due to a limited number of Suites available. The Suites are provided on a first come-first served basis.

Is a confirmation in advance necessary ?
Yes, since the turnover rate in apartments is appreciable, so we require people to reserve at least 15 days in advance, and once the flight ticket(s) is/are fixed, please reconfirm again with us. It is always a good idea to confirm your reservation early rather than late, otherwise the required accommodation might not be available.

How can I get a confirmation of my reservation ?
In accordance with our reservation policy, all reservations require a security deposit of $200 - $500 depending on the length of stay. Your reservation is guaranteed upon receipt of deposit.

Do I have to provide a security deposit before renting a suite ?
The deposit protects the owners in the event that guests vacate the premises prior to their previously stated date of departure. Moreover, if property damage has been caused by the guest, this deposit would contribute to recompensing such damage. Or should, for example, the key be lost or mislaid, then the requisite sum for its replacement will be deducted from the deposit.

Is it possible to view a Suite ?
Actual photographs of most of our Suites are available 24 hours 7 days a week at: www.torontofurnishedsuite.com

Is it mandatory to sign up for a whole month ?
Actually, it depends on the length of a guest's stay and the choice of suite type in our apartment block. We offer weekly/monthly rates.

What is the GST and should I expect to pay this on my furnished rental ?
The GST is the federal Goods and Services Tax by the Government of Canada which is applied to most products and services. As of July 1,2006 this tax is 6% of purchase price. Yes you should expect to pay this on top of your purchase price.

If I am a visitor from outside of Canada is GST refundable on my accomodation ?
Yes, GST is refundable only in very specific situations. For hotels, your GST charged is refundable if your hotel stay is less than a month, and your total cost is greater than $200. You must claim this within a year of short term accommodation stay. Please see the Government of Canada's Tax Refund for Business Travel to Canada guide for more details.

Do you have special rate if I stay for a week or a month ?
The minimum stay for all suites is one week. You will save approximately 20% for a monthly stay, however, it depends on which type of guest room you have reserved.

What payment method is acceptable ?
We accept Certified Checks, Bank Drafts, Money Orders, Interac Electronic Money Transfers, Cash, and Wire Transfers. Usually people pay their rent and deposit at the check-in time.

What is our cancellation policy ?
Please be advised that the reservation deposit is non-refundable:

If the client cancels a secured reservation, it the client knows, understands and accepts that there are no refunds for a reservation deposit cancellation made by the buyer for any reasons or under any circumstances. There is not a grace period in which a refund will be made.

Can I get a refund if I have to leave early but opted for a long-term stay ?
If by any chance you do have to leave earlier, the refund will only be given if we are able to find someone to sublet your apartment for the remaining days of your stay.

Is Airport Pick-up/Drop-off service for newcomers free ?
No, the airport pick-up/drop-off service charge is between $50 - $60: Services at regular times (10:00am - 10:00pm) will be $50, and at irregular times(10:00pm - 10:00am) will be $60.

How big are your rooms/apartments ?
Our rooms in the shared apartments are around 12 - 15 square meters, while the size of the apartments are, on average, approx. 45 - 90 square meters.

Do I have a lock for my room/apartment ?
All rooms are private rooms, as of course are the apartments. All doors have a lock, and you will be provided with a set of keys for your room or apartments, as well as for the main entrance.

Is smoking allowed in the rooms/apartments ?
For our guest's convenience, all our executive furnished suites are non-smoking. In addition, the City of Toronto by-laws prohibit smoking in all common areas of the building including stairwells and amenities. You can smoke in the front yard.

Are there cooking facilities associated with the rooms and apartments ?
Each apartment's kitchen is equipped with all things you need, including: Fridge-freezer, stove, rice cooker, microwave, coffeemaker, cutlery, plates, dishes & cookware. And, of course, for shared apartments, each guest residing in a room has will have access to a shared kitchen, with all the necessary facilities. You'll feel right at home!

Will I have a phone and internet connection in my room/apartment ?
All apartments have individual internet connections ready. If you have a laptop with wireless capability, you can access the network from anywhere in the house and thus connect to the internet. Each apartment has an available telephone. Please observe that the phone number is shared between all residents, hence you should restrict you calls to a 10 minute maximum at a time. If you wish to make a long distance call, then you should purchase a long distance calling card.

Are bed linen, pillows and towels provided ?
Freshly laundered bed linen is provided. Towels are not provided.

Is toilet paper provided ?
We will provide you an initial roll of toilet paper, but from then on you will be required to purchase your own toilet paper.

Are there parking possibilities ?
Yes, we do have on-site free parking.

How safe is the apartment block for couples and single ladies ?
Our guests are mainly new immigrants. They are kind, friendly and highly educated, just like yourself.

Is there a minimum number of nights per stay ?
Yes, you are required to have at least one week's stay.

What about if I have an overnight friend at my accommodation ?
You will have to pay for any overnight guests. We charged $5 more per person per night.

What is the check-in and check-out time ?
Preferred check-in is between 2-5 pm, but other times can be arranged, as long as we know when to expect you in advance. The arrival time must be confirmed in advance; otherwise we may not be available when you arrive. Check-out time is before 11 am.

Can we get some initial assistance ? I noticed you are offering Free Consultation Services, and I am curious to know more about these.
We are very happy to offer our free consultation services to our guests, since we were immigrants too; we have also been through difficult times during the first month after we landed in Canada. It is our pleasure to share our experiences with newcomers.

Why does it cost less to stay with Down-East Furnished Suites ?
Our Suites include full kitchens with a full size refrigerator, stove, and a microwave. Cookware and dinnerware is also provided for the convenience of our guests. Guests can prepare their own meals, therefore not only saving on dining out costs, but also preparing healthy home-made dishes they are used to. All local calls are complimentary enabling our clients to stay in touch with friends and family or work from the Suites. High speed unlimited Internet access helps our guests stay productive and connected while away from work and home.

Which time of year is best for newcomers to arrive in Toronto in order to adjust to climate & weather ?
That is not easy to say, as it all depends on what you are used to. Each season has its own special qualities, and you bring new hopes and expectations with you to Toronto. Don??t worry though, as you will not feel the cold in your room or apartment in winter, considering that a comfortable temperature can be maintained in both individual rooms and apartments. Even when using public transportation, you will experience that all vehicle are heated.

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